Sunday, July 24, 2005

catching up

It's good to be back. Has it been 2 months from my last entry? hehehe. Ang tagal n pala. Well, blame it on our schedule. ;) We've been on day shift for 2 months, and I changed teams (I'm on Delta team now), and we are in indefinite day-shift.So what's been going on with me? Well, there's a lot! hahaha. I mean a lot has happend since my last entry.

1. I got new shoes! =) well, I like shoes, rubber shoes to be exact. Borgy bought me a pair last Saturday. And it's PINK! Ganda no?! Thanks much my snorkie!

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2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was already released and bought myself a copy. I know that the soft copy of the book would come out the next day or perhaps the day after that but nothing beats going to the bookstore at 7:01 am and getting the copy that you have reserved and waited for so long. I had fun reading the book, although the ending part really unexpected. It made me wonder how many years would it take for JKRowling to finish the 7th book.

3. We've got tons of puppies right now. Lilo and Raven gave birth to three and six pups respectively. So add that to 6 adult dogs, we have a farm! wehehehe. More or less we'll be either selling the pups or giving to relatives and friends. We just cannot take care of that many dogs.

4. I've had a phase last month, I was hooked on Havaianas. =) I bought one and chai bought another. Well, its way past summer and I'm not sure why I actually bought one. But they are really pretty and durable. haha.
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Butterfly Pink
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Hearts Light Blue

5. Last June, I was deprived from watching the TV shows that I love and those we have here at the office because I needed to take the MCP exam. So after passing the exam (woohoo! ^_^) , I gave in to my vices. I'm done with the 4th season of Smallville (Lana kicked ass in this season), the 5th season of CSI: vegas (the season finale was nerve wracking and hair raising to say the least), halfway done with CSI :NY (too bad Allen was able to get the succeeding episodes), and the 1st season of Desperate Housewives.

My friend Tentay, lend the first season of The O.C. (Welcome to the OC, bitch!) and I couldn't get enough of it because it was really GRRRREAT, I had to buy the whole 2nd season. hehehe Then damage went from bad to worse, I saw the latest season of Alias (season 4), I couldn't help myself, I just have to buy it... and I did. So after shelving a thousand++ bucks, I decided to stay away from dvds... until a new season comes out. Wehehe. I'm still catching up on the 1st season of LOST and Joey. I'll be using my VLs this coming thursday and friday so most probably, I'll be finish by that time.

6. Borgy went to Malaysia last June, it was suppose to be for SEABA, but as we all know, FIBA have decided to ban the Philippine Team from any international competition, not unless POC will acknowledge BAP to form the team for the competitions. So to say, their trip was cut short. =`(

And my Nanay is currently in Shanghai. I can't think of anything to ask as Pasalubong. What you do buy in China? She'll be there for 3 days, just attending a meeting. Spending much??! LOL It would have been better if she left for Australia again, at least I can ask for Roxy and Billabong stuffs. haha

7. I bought a new cellphone pala. hehehe I already forgot. It's almost 2 months old. It's a Nokia 7270, a pretty girly phone. It comes with 2 leather wraps to give it a distict look. After using the N7250 for 2 years, I need an upgrade. Features why I liked this phone:
-> a Flip-fone
-> has a mini and main display
-> has FM radio
-> VGA camera

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