Thursday, June 30, 2011

8 days before the big day...

Pardon the posts' titles from here on 'til our wedding day. :)

June 03, 2011

We've accomplished a couple of important things today! Even before heading home to Manila, Chi (of OAB) and I would meet online to discuss matters and questions that I would have about the wedding. Small wedding details that I keep on thinking on and on for days. The last time that we chatted online, we've set a schedule to meet at Moon Garden. Although they've handled several weddings in Tagaytay, this will be their first at Moon Garden and today was also the first day they would visit the place personally.

I've visited the place last year, when I went home unexpectedly. The whole family (Tatay, Nanay, Carlo and Chai) came with Topher and me when we met the OAB team. When we got to the venue, I was really surprised about the changes in the place. To tell you guys honestly, I was disappointed with the changes that I saw. More about that on the supplier's rating (coming soon).

Chi came with her husband, Jardonyx (June) and Ate Pia. Since Chi is already on her last trimester, she wouldn't be physically at the wedding, but the whole team will be there. She assured me that she will be on top of everything throughout the day.

We looked around at the venue and then we decided on where things will be set-up. I gave her a reception layout which Lace (of K by Cunanan) gave me before. It was a layout on how K by Cunanan usually set things up in Moon Garden. We then decided on where we would place things around the caterer's setup.Like where the Starbucks coffee station would go, where will be place the photo booth, the registration tables, string the escort cards and put the appetizers table. After a couple of hit and miss, we agreed on things.

Moon Garden setup from K by Cunanan
We proceed to the details of the weddings, things that I still need to finish and turn-over to them. Here are some of the items that we've discussed:

citronella candles/mosquito patches - as suggested by both Lace and Chi, we should get these just to make sure that guests not be swamped with mosquitoes. The garden has tons of ponds and the rainy season adds to the mosquitoes at night.

1 bedroom suite/deluxe room - they suggested that with the rooms, i should get one like a suite as there will be tons of people coming in that day, that is without adding in the guests and would visit. The last thing that all of us would want is a stressed environment come wedding day.

body form - they asked to make sure that the body form that Tito Boy lent me can be adjusted to my height.

steam iron - for last minute clothes that needs to be pressed.

Bible and pouch - things that I still need to buy!

organize things - organize and label that are needed for each. Place them on a box/paperbag for each place, like preps, church and reception.

labels - make sure that the gifts and the ties/vest of sponsors are properly labeled.

wedding march - prepare cds of the entourage/ wedding march in a CD in cda and mp3 format. also have it saved on a flash drive for back-up

fruit basket for offertory and stipend - need to prepare for the offering

water and snacks - they also recommended that if there are guests coming in from Manila/far location, we can opt to buy water and some snacks that they can distribute while waiting for the ceremony to start

string - needed for the escort cards

gift/gift certs - prizes for the games at the reception

OAB will still need to contact Starbucks Tagaytay to suggest the additional glasses to extend the number of the frappes, and the wedding day schedule. We agreed that we'll meet again 2 days before the wedding.

Moon Garden

We invited the OAB team for lunch, they declined and explained that Ate Pia still need to attend her review school that day. We had lunch in Dencio's  Tagaytay before heading to Taal Vista to book our rooms.

@ Dencio's Tagaytay

I faced a dilemma when we reached Taal Vista. I wasn't prepared to shell out Php15,000 for a single night stay, and that is for my room only! Add Topher's room and we are looking at more than Php20,000 for a single night accommodation. I had to ask Topher and make sure that he's ok with the rates that we will be shelling out. He told me that this is only one day that we'll going to splurge and it's something that we need. So might as well get the best. Awwww. :) It the end, the front desk people at Taal Vista gave us discounts and generously granted my request for late checkout on all rooms (2pm checkout), that made the hefty price tag all worth-it.

Taal Vista

Before heading home, we met with Ate Yhoan of Yhoan's Flower shop who will be supplying our flowers, for both entourage and church come wedding day. I'm happy that she kept the pegs of the flowers that I've shown her for the bridal and the entourage bouquets. We also discussed the church flowers and the inclusions of the package (bridal car flower, offertory flowers, petals for the recessional etc). I still have to give her pegs of the groom's boutonniere as well as the entourage's. We agreed that I'll send the pegs over email and that if she has any concerns, we can chat, call and text.

We went to the mall to pick up supplies that I'm gonna need for the missalette and thank you cards. We still have tons of DIY projects to finish, but bar none, the hardest part of all this is the guest list. Why can't people do a simple RSVP? I've given all the contact information, online and on paper. A simple SMS would do. A message on Facebook would suffice. But noooo, most would still not do it. So all you brides-to-be, be warned as early as today. Finalizing the guest list is the hardest thing that you would have to do.

Monday, June 27, 2011

10 days before the big day...

After flying for 16 hours (12 from Chicago to Narita, 4 from Narita to Manila) and 4 hours in lay over time in Japan, we were finally home! Ahhh, the chaotic airport and the humidity just welcomes you with open arms. My entire family (Tatay, Nanay, Chai and Carlo) and Mama picked us up from the airport. It was almost 12 midnight when we left the airport and it took us about an hour drive from NAIA 1 to Dasma.

I requested for Cecille's Beef Kaldereta and Chopsuey for my dinner that night, and divulge on it with glee when we got home. Topher went to their home at night, that's fine with me since I know how sabik they are with his company. He hasn't been home for 3 years. After dinner, I'm off to bed.

So, technically my vacation started on June 1st, 10 days before the wedding. That day, we were scheduled to meet with Boy Kastner Santos, our entourage couturier and Lace Tan of K by Cunanan, our caterer. I would be meeting Tito Boy in the morning to bring in my dress to be altered, it's way too long and then meet Lace in the afternoon. We picked up Mama and Kisses before heading to Tito Boy since they will be fitting their dresses as well.

At around 10:30am we were at Tito Boy's shop and I had the my dress fitted for him to see how long it needs to be altered at the hem. I brought the shoes that I would be wearing on our wedding day, to be sure that the length will be perfect. That same day, we took home all of the secondary sponsors' dresses. I was told by Tito Boy that all of the dresses will be ready on June 7th, even my dress. The only dresses that we were worried about are my Ninang Lolit's dress and one of the secondary sponsor's dress, they were both overseas and they only gave the measurements online.

My meeting with Lace is at 2pm. We picked up Topher and Papa from their house and dropped off Kisses. To said that there was hell of a traffic going to Quezon City would be an understatement. Then we had to stop to ask for directions going to Kaye's address since my Tatay is not all familiar with their village, we did get as far as Ateneo though.

5 minutes before 2 PM, we finally reached and found Kaye's house. There were several cars parked at the front. When we got in, we were led to a beautiful indoor patio where most of the food-tasting and meetings are on-going. We were led by a helpful waiter to our table.

our mock-up table
I received an email from Lace a few hours before our flight home, she was asking for pictures and ideas for the mock-up table setup. I remember telling her that I want to see hydrangeas in silver pail, lamps, linen in our motif and a few other flowers. Nothing too stiff.

We were then served with our chosen menu. This will be the 1st time that we will be having a food taste with them, the initial one was attended by Topher's 3 sisters. So I was both excited and nervous about the food. Remember that both our set of parents are with us that day which makes it even more nerve-wracking. What if they didn't like the food?!

Broccoli and Cheese Soup
We were first served soup and then appetizers. Remember that we went straight here after our meeting with Tito Boy and we didn't stop for lunch, so we were really famished at 2pm. We all enjoyed the Broccoli and Cheese Soup. It was a bit cheesier than the broccoli and cheddar soup that I got accustomed to having at Panera Bread here in the US. Nonetheless, it was good.

hoisin chicken wrap, bruschetta and fried ravioli

The appetizers that were served are: Hoisin Chicken Wrap, Bruschetta with Roasted Eggplant, Peppers and Feta Cheese and Fried Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Sauce. We kept all of them for the official menu. I specially love the Hoisin Chicken Wrap. Yummy!

oriental chicken salad
The Oriental Chicken Salad was served next and it was in a cute martini glass. It was a bit saltier that the usual Asian Chicken Salad that I love at Panera Bread, but we loved it still.
carrot rice, grilled red snapper, lapu-lapu and japanese rolled chicken
We were served the main entree; Carrot Rice, Grilled Red Snapper, Lapu-lapu and Japanese Rolled Chicken. I love the Carrot Rice, it was unexpectedly delicious. I asked them which of the fish dish to keep, Red Snapper or Lapu-lapu. It was unanimous with the Red Snapper. Everything was sooo good that we asked for 2nd servings of the Carrot Rice.
seafood pasta in pesto sauce
Topher chose the pasta dish. He looooves seafood in his pasta. We all liked it as well, however we replace the sauce with marinara, instead of pesto with the thought that more guests would have preferred it. But it in itself was already delicious.

We didn't get a chance to took pictures of the beef dishes that was served to us: Roast Beef Ribs with mashed potatoes and the Osso Bucco. Both were really really delish but we went with the Roast Beef and we were glad to know that it would be served in a carving station.
panna cotta, chocolate mousse and banofee
white chocolate decadence
We were to get 5 desserts for the dessert bar. At the food taste, we were served with the panna cotta, chocolate mousse, white chocolate decadence and banofee. We took the chocolate mousse off the menu, I find it too bitter. We replaced it with chocolate decadence and mixed fruit compote.While we were having desserts, Lace and I talked about the detailing, guests' tables and layouts. I'm glad that we got to cover everything that day.

We dropped off Topher, Mama and Papa in Espana before heading home. They decided to visit Gardini's for Papa's suit and to buy him a white dress shirt too.

It was a tiring but fulfilling day. We still have a lot to do and a ton of suppliers to meet before the big day, but it's pretty exciting as well. I won't let stress eat me up!

Hanging in there,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

i'm now married to a doctor

It's been 2 weeks since our wedding. Before I start sharing my stories about the days leading to the wedding and on the wedding day itself, I thought I'd share some pictures of my husband getting his doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. He officially finished his school term last December 2010 but their commencement was only held last May 2011.

Three days before flying to Manila, we drove 300++ plus miles to attend his commencement program. We went straight to Jethro's BBQ when we reached Des Moines, IA for dinner. Afterwards we checked in on our hotel room for the night.

Early morning, we checked out of the hotel and went to the Iowa Events Center. I can't be more proud when I saw Topher in his toga and his name on the list, Dr. Christopher dela Rosa.

how his name will be called once he climbed the stage
Topher and his classmates
I'm beaming with pride at this point, however I can't clap and shout as I'm concentrating on getting good pictures from afar
A Hooding Ceremony is a special recognition ceremony for doctoral degree candidates during which a faculty advisor and the Dean of Graduate Academics place the doctoral hood, signifying his or her success in completing the graduate program.
me and my doctor ;)

I have this feeling that this is not the last time that I'm attending his graduation program. :))

Friday, June 10, 2011

today is the day...

I'm already here at the hotel room, woke up a bit too early for the call time to start preparing myself. I can't believe it, after more then 18 months of preparation, the day is finally here.

Today, i will again marry by best friend, my better half and the person I cannot live without. :) I am forever grateful for being given the opportunity to experience God's blessing with the man I love most.

Topher, I love you and I can't wait to marry you again.


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