Wednesday, October 27, 2010

east coast trip: Boston

Our trip to the east coast was a 10-day one, we initially planned to spend it in NY and NJ alone, but Lei's very nice to invite us to Boston. She's working for a client that's based in Boston, so she travels there every week. We shared the hotel with her which is a big plus, hotels in Boston are mad expensive!!

(souvenir shirts)
(at the Sam Adams Brewery Tour)
(FREE beer!)
(Stata Building at MIT)
(freshmen orientation at Harvard)
(John Harvard)
(one of the dormitories :D)
(starting the Boston Freedom Trail at Boston Common)
(Massachusetts State House)
(Faneuil Hall)
(Union Oyster House, oldest restaurant in continuous service in the U.S)

*all photos taken by Topher dela Rosa (my husband) are copyright images.

east coast trip: New York City

Our long overdue trip to NYC happened last August, a week after I got back from Manila. We scheduled the trip on Topher's break from work. We're extremely lucky to have friends who accomodated us on this trip! :) We're very grateful!

(Grand Central Station)
(madness at Times Square)
(omg, the pastrami's to die for!)
(somber smile at the World Trade Center)
(at St. Paul's Chapel)
(walking the Brooklyn Bridge)
(Jolibee at Queens)

* all photos taken by Topher dela Rosa (my husband) are copyright images.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pocket fold mock-up

I posted a blog entry a couple of weeks ago about paper samples from Anchor Paper. Over the weekend (well, two weekends ago), I've found the time to actually make the mock-up for the pocketfolds. I wanted a vertical style invitation as oppose to a horizontal one.

I initially planned to do a pocket fold invite like this:
(photo from Cards and Pockets)
However, I realized that it will take much work to do the pocket this way as compared to doing it the usual way I see it as DIY online. This is how the pocketfold will look like:
(photo from Cards and Pockets)
I found great instructions from Heather Drive's wedding blog and Wedding Bee DIY hive. Eventhough the pocketfold invite that I'll do is designed for a horizontal invitation design, I'll just tweak the design a little to look good for vertical invites.

The sample papers that got are only 8"x11", the pocketfolds that I'll be doing are 7" x 15.75". I taped a different color paper to get the length that I needed. You'll get what I mean once you see the pictures. :) The measurements are 3" for the pointed flap, 5" for the main invitation, 4.75" for the pockets and 3" for the pocket flap. I created the mock up using a Fiskars paper cutter to make sure that every cut are straight. I need to get a scoring blade for scoring the paper to make it easier to fold.

(found the perfect paper in Stardream Ruby 105# cover)
(white portion is the one that I taped to extend the paper to get 7" x 15.75")
(vertical orientation; not happy with the folds, need to get a scoring blade for a smoother fold)
(the mock-up; Stardream Ruby 105# Cover for the pocketfold, Stardream Silver 81# Text for invitation mats, Rec Bright White Linen Paper 80# Cover for the Main Invitation and inserts)

I need to replace the double-sided tape that I've used in the pockets, I need one that's thinner. The current one is 1/4" thick and I'll need one that's only 1/8" thick. By using the thinner tape, I can make the inserts a bit longer.

Measurement details are as follow:
- pocketfolds: 7" x 15.75"
- invitation mats: 4.75" x 6.75"
- main invitation: 4.5" x 6.5"
- entourage insert: 4.5" x 6.5"
- location map insert: 4" x 6.5"
- reception card insert: 3.5" x 6.5"

I've ordered the envelopes (from EnvelopeMall) and the paper materials (Anchor Paper) by bulk online. They should be all here by this week. No more procrastinating. Time is ticking. I still need to decide on the belly band and the paper seal/monogram seal for the invitations. Will get to it asap.


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