Saturday, February 05, 2011

the blizzard of 2011

This is the 3rd winter we experience since we got here in Chicago, and this is the greatest one yet! As of this writing, it has been 4 days after the great blizzard. We started the week good, I didn't even know that there is a snowstorm coming until the day before we got hit. We were informed that it will hit the Chicago area Tuesday afternoon, February 1st at around 3pm. Naturally, we were still asked to report to work on Tuesday, but were allowed to leave early to head home safely. By 4pm, the wind was blowing soooo hard and the snow felt like hard pellets when it struck you on the face. It was terrible and frightening to say the least.

My usual 45 minute-drive home took almost 3 hours and it was absolutely the scariest commute of my life. It was actually better when it's bumper to bumper traffic, because at least you're following someone on a lane. It got soo much worse when the traffic ease, because by then you can't see the lanes and my car windows are all covered with snow. Switching lanes is impossible to do since I only have the rear view mirror as reference. There was even a time that I can't get to the ramp to exit since the road is covered with soooooo much snow, making it very difficult to drive.

Thank God, I arrived home safely. Upon arrival, I had a good cry. I really thought I'm gonna be stuck somewhere and will not make it home. We can hear the wind howling all through the night. The wind and the snow didn't stop until noon the next day. And that was after pouring in about 20" of snow.

(somewhere underneath that snow are our cars)
Thankfully, the sun shone at around noon. We started digging out the cars from under the pile of snow. It took us almost 3 hours to remove all the snow that surrounded both Bossing and Scarlett. I'm actually happy that we decided to dig them out early, it was freezing when the day reached the afternoon. Negative Fahrenheit degrees, anyone?
(it almost reached my waistline)
(playing around before the dig-out)
Right now, most of snow are plowed into the side street. It's natural to see hills upon hills of snow. Forecast in the coming days are not good, more snow on the way. I am seriously and anxiously excited for Spring.

on turning 28...

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. ~ Mark Twain

This post is officially eleven days late. Because eleven days ago, i turned a year older. I don't mind getting old, it just freaks me out that the kids that I know are now in their teens! That certainly makes me feel old.

When I was small, I told myself that I'll get married at the age of 28 and start a family. Good thing I forgot that note to myself, because getting married early (at 25), is one of the best decisions of my life. This coming June will mark our 3rd anniversary as husband and wife and I am most thankful for the times that we have now. Starting our own family is in the plans but we're not rushing to anything. We want to savor and enjoy these moments.

We celebrated my birthday in a simple way. The night before, I received a sweet gesture from Topher. Waiting for me when I got home is a dozen red roses. It came as a surprise since I wasn't expecting it.

We both went to work that day. We celebrated with dinner at Olive Garden, we both enjoyed our meals. And then tonight will be a joined birthday celebration with a friend and we're having dinner, drinks and movies after! Good times. God is indeed very good.


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