Thursday, March 25, 2010

plum passion (2)

2nd Dose of Purple Love

(Beautiful palette by Fuzzynk)
(Pretty palette by Every Last Detail)
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(Refreshing palette by Snippet and Ink)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

plum passion

Plum. Even in the early daydreaming/wishing stage, i know that Plum will be a major color palette in our wedding. The coordinating colors are a bit of surprise for the time being as well as the theme. I still want to have an element of surprise on the wedding day! :)

(beautiful palette from Paper Olive)
(gorgeous palette from Lotushaus)
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in search of THE dress (3)

Maggie Sotero 2010 Collection

Destination RD1044



wedding tools and influence

I often rave about US public libraries, specially in forums where I frequently visit. Thanks to them, my reading option are limitless. I have the liberty to read and discover best selling books and well loved authors for free. Being the bookworm that I am, this is one of the things I am grateful for that we're currently living here. However, I didn't anticipate the aid and help they can give me while preparing for the wedding! Current and back issues of wedding magazine are available at my disposal. I often visit just to read the current issues before I learned that I can actually borrow and take home the previous issues! Well, isn't that a treat?! :) Below are just a few of the ones that I took home for reading and inspiration.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

in search of THE dress (2)

Judd Waddell 2010 Collection

(all photos are grabbed from

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

video, oh video

Since the start of the year, I've been trying to prepare for our church wedding. I'd like to start and book suppliers as soon as possible, as time is always of the essence. Early booking means I get to book the first option that we wanted and not settle for the nth option in case the first was already booked.

At the moment, we've already paid and booked our church, caterer and the photographer to reserve our date. We're still deciding on the reception venue and still searching for a good but affordable videographer. It is really a daunting task. As a member of w@w (weddings @ work), I've been exposed to a number of videographers. Of course the good ones burn will a huge hole in one's pockets. The like of Jason Magbanua, Mayad Studios, Threelogy, Bob Nicholas etc. Then there's the middle range that's more bang for your buck like Phoeben Teocson, Buddy Gancenia, Chug Cadiogan, Garry Garza, Redefine Weddings, Bordoy Viterbo, John De Guzman etc.

It's so hard to keep in budget and pick a good videographer. We will definitely exceed the budget that I'm setting for the both photo/video. *sigh* Oh well, I guess we have to grin and bear it, as these will be the momentos that we get to keep after the wedding.

At the moment, here are the shortlist of the videographers which we are choosing from:

Redefine Weddings. They are also known as Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza. One of w@w's supplier of the year. We are seriously thinking of getting them, just hope that they would reply soon.

Daniel Lei Studio. Another w@w favorite. I like their STD (no, not the disease!), Save The Date as it usually tells a story about the couple. I've emailed them regarding their video packages, unfortunately I would have to wait 'til June to book them. They are not booking yet for June 2011. I guess I'm a bit excited! :)

Bong Videos. They are still fairly new to the business, but I've read good reviews for them. And since they are still new, their rates are still affordable.

This list is just for the moment, I may change my mind again (!) and search for another set. I would really want to have a SDE that will be shown on the reception, but we'll see if budget still permits! Getting married nowadays is sooooo expensive!

Comments are welcome by the way! Feel free to check each videographer's link and watch their SDE. I'll take note of your comments while choosing our videographer! Thanks! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

move over Edward, Jace is here.

The Mortal Instruments. This is the series that I'm currently reading, and I find it soooo good. Everytime we visit Barnes and Noble, this series always caught my eyes. And it was for a good reason. Mind you, I'm not always fond of reading books of the fantasy genre but this series became an exception.

The series stars Clarrisa "Clary" Fray, a 16 year girl (mundane) who was living her life as she had always had but everything changed when she saw a "murder" in a bar that nobody else saw. That same night, her mother was kidnapped and demons waited for her at her house. She then learned that she was no ordinary human, that there exists a world that was beyond her wildest imagination where Shadowhunters, Downloaders and the Clave exists.

Shadowhunters are Nephilim, children of the Angel, whose main purpose in life is to protect and save the world from the Downloaders. Vampires, lycanthrope, warlocks, witches, fairies and demons are those that are considered as Downloaders. The Clave is like the goverment that sees over the whole thing.

Now let me introduce you to Jace. He's the finest Shadowhunter of his age. Jace is sarcastic, cynical, and witty but also vain, arrogant, and full of angst. He gives the impression of holding most people in disdain but is quite chivalrous toward women. His charisma, good looks and charm have made him quite the ladies' man and he is somewhat promiscuous. He never forms emotional attachments for more than a short period of time, if at all. Caring and feeling concern for someone is something that was alien to him. Although everything changed when he met Clary. He believed that he was not capable of love, those he loves ends up getting hurt. But he still takes a chance with Clary. But what will happen to these emotions when they learn that they could be siblings?!

Sound good enough? I love it when a character is always more than what they seemed. I'm just starting on the final book, City of Glass and I am itching to know how everything will end.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

in search of THE dress

David's Bridal Spring 2010

Gowns that have caught my eye while browsing at David's Bridal website. I  realized that I wanted a gown that has more drama and flair than the usual tube gown that I usually see at weddings. And I DON'T like shiny fabric. Now, I seriously need to lose some weight. If I look half as good as these models come wedding day, I'm good.


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