Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cake buffet!

Yep, you read it right. *grin* We're having a cake buffet! Imagine, 8 to 10 of our favorite cakes at our wedding. I can't think of anything sweeter. I love desserts! Cakes and ice cream are my favorites, and I have a competition in Topher. He loves his sweets too! It's really hard for us to say no when there are desserts serve at the table.

For months now, I've been going back and forth about the wedding cake, and well about many things about the wedding. At first, I just want a cupcake tower, then I learned that everyone is doing that. Birthdays, baptismal or anniversaries, the cupcakes are always present. I wanted our wedding to be different. One option is getting Joy San Gabriel for her mini-cakes, one that she's famous for. But then again, the price is an issue for me. It's possible that we'll have to spend around 15k (or more) for the cake, and honestly that's a bit too much even if my Nanay wants to pay for it.

Then I read LA's post about one of her nice-to-haves, a cake buffet. At the time that I was reading her post, I thought, what a great idea. But I didn't really think much into it. I still went to back to thinking and searching for the cake. And then, BOOOM! It hit me, a cake buffet is really briliant, beyond briliant idea. It's inexpensive, it would look nice on the table not to mention we're sure the cakes are yummy. So the next step before dreaming of my cake buffet is to ask Lace (of K by Cunanan) if they have cake stands. Bless them, they do! Lace is really nice to provide a picture of the cake stands. She also ask that we note how many we'll need by the time of contract signing.
(cake stands from K by Cunanan)
We can now decide on the cakes that we wanted for the buffet. They also have to be available near our place, easier for use to buy them a day before the wedding. Here are our choices:

(Conti's Mango Bravo; photo from practicalpinaybride.blogspot.com)
(Conti's Oreo Cheesecake; photo from Flickr)
(Sugarhouse's Almond Sans Rival; photo from shootfirsteatlater.com)
(Red Ribbon's Smores; photo from ybabie.blogspot.com)
(Red Ribbon's Choco Fudge Cake; photo from certifiedfoodies.com)
(Conti's Blueberry Cheesecake; photo from whatimlovingnow.blogspot.com)
(Conti's Choco Overload; photo from yedylicious.blogspot.com)
(Conti's Mango Cream Cake; photo from yedylicious.blogspot.com)
(Red Ribbon's Ube Cake; photo from dessertcomesfirst.com)
This list makes nine mouth-watering cakes. We would probably add another cake or two and call it a day. As much as I wanted to have all chocolate cakes for the buffet, I have to keep in mind that not all loves chocolate as much as we do, so the choices have to be diverse.

I'm soooo excited just thinking about the cakes and what they would look like come wedding day. Happiness!!


LA + AJ said...

Sis, hindi naman masyado adik sa conti's? :) hehehe..masarap ang mango bravo pero I was expecting more dahil lahat ng nagsabi sakin na masarap -- sabi ganito "ANG SARAP SARAP TALAGA GRABE!" so ako naman iniisip ko tiping heaven nga siguro..wahahaha =)) anyhooooo..gusto ko itry ang chocolate overload..ngaun ko lang nakita sa pic..mukang loaded nga!!sis what about chocolate mousse ng red ribbon, supper yummy na affordable cake un :) at siyempre..ang mega favorite ko -- sanrival ng house of silvanas! :)

ålêng said...

hi LA! :) hahaha, funny yung story mo about Mango Bravo. Actually masyado na nga siguro ang hype. I've tried it way way before pa, and tira-tira na nga lang yung nakain ko that time (sa office party). Ang branches pa lang ng Conti's ay yung original nila sa Paranaque tas kaka-open pa lang ng Greenhills branch! O diba, ancient na! Since trying it, we were hooked. :) Mahilig talaga kasi ako sa manga! And nagawa nilang incorporate yung mangga with chocolate, kaya ang saya ko naman diba?! :)) Ok yung choco overload, sarap din sya! Hehehe.

I'll probably include din yung chocolate mousse ng RR. Classic yun eh, will try yung sansrival sa House of Silvana. :) May friend kaming taga Cali na dadalaw dito by January, papadala ako! :))

Louise said...

You may also want to try out cakes from the following:

1. Costa Brava - heavenly caramel cake, ube cake, and chocolate-marshmallow cake!

2. Becky's

ålêng said...

hi Louise, thanks for the recos :) will ask my family to check them for me! :)

Mymy Redondo said...

Hi! I just wanted to ask how the cake buffet at your wedding went. We're getting married later this year and are having a cake buffet. I just wanted to know how you set that up on the dessert table. Did you have the cakes pre-sliced or did you let your guests slice at will? Your inputs would be a super big help. Thanks in advance!

ålêng said...

@mymy - we didn't push through with the cake buffet idea. We didn't have much time before the week since we were overseas. We ordered from Joy San Gabriel and she didn't fail. Her cakes are heavenly! :) You can check my suppliers' rating.


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