Tuesday, July 20, 2010

books that bite

Earlier this year, I've posted an entry about books, vampire books to be exact. More than 5 months after, I'm still hooked. Sure, I've read chic lits and other books in between but I still come back to the library for my vampire fix. Can't seem to get enough. What is it with these books that make us glued?! Maybe it's the sense of danger and the thought that they really don't exist.

These are the books that I currently have on hand. I've just started with Lover Mine (a BDB novel) and I'm done with Fade Out. 3 of these books belong to the library and only Spirit Bound's mine, which makes it the last on the list because I don't feel the pressure to finish it asap compared to the library ones.

Speaking of library, I need to visit soon since a book that I had requested is ready for pick-up (The Carrie Diaries) and I need to return two of these books that I have now. I looked back at the post that I've written before to find out that I've only read 2 of the 5 books that I've been excited about, Dead in the Family and Burned (HON series). They are both great reads but as part of a series, the ending is still bitin!

You, dear blog reader, what have you read lately?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the search for HMUA - Jeng and Carlan

I've came across Jeng and Carlan's names in w@w. For those who are not familiar with w@w, it actually stands for Weddings at Work. It's a must for every Filipino bride who plans to have their wedding in the Philippines to be a member of w@w.

Anyway, back to the HMUA search, I've been stalking Jeng and Carlan's blog since I first read it. I am utterly amazed on how they were able to transform every girl to a blushing bride and absolutely loved it when a detailed before and after looks are showed. It's like witnessing how a masterpiece unfolds!

They absolutely made their brides stunning on their wedding day which is what all brides wish for. Be the prettiest that one can be while still looking like one's self. I've inquired with them and while their rates are reasonable, the OOT fee on top of the package is the deal killer for me.

Jeng and Carlan
Jeng Flores and Carlan Teng
Phone: +632.645.1848

*all photos are grabbed from Jeng and Carlan's website

Monday, July 12, 2010

the search for the Cake - Yummy Piece of Cake

I've learned my lesson. When it comes to wedding cakes, it's better if it's in smaller pieces (read: cupcakes and mini cakes) than a tiered one. We were given a fondant 2 tiered cake as a gift on our civil wedding more than 2 years ago. We were awfully grateful for the cake, its very pretty and because we didn't bother to get one ourselves. However, weeks after the wedding, the cake is still there. It would have been better if we had it served and consumed it on the day it was given.

Fast forward to present time, the package that we have with our caterer doesn't come with a cake. And I'm hell-bent in making sure that this wedding cake will be enjoyed and consumed by all. I already have a design in mind, all I need is someone to execute it for me (with the right price).

Yummy Piece of Cake is a w@w find. I've been ogling her creations for quiet some time and for me, they are all perfect. I found out (through her flickr profile) that Yummi Castrillo (the proprietor) is not only a cupcake baker but a lawyer too. She also definitely has an eye for aesthetics. Her creations are simply divine.

I'm posting here some of her works and I must say, I totally LOVE this first set. :)

starfish and shells

cake buffet

winter wonderland

chocolate galore

purple love

I've communicated with Ms. Yummi regarding cake cost but unfortunately I have to wait 8 months before the wedding for me to get an actual quote for my cake. I inquired more than a year before the wedding and I completely understood that prices for this year may not apply for next. Still, I'm already excited!

Yummy Piece of Cake
Yumi Castrillo

*all photos are from Yummy Piece of Cake's flickr page.

nice to have - personalized party napkins

I've been seeing personalized party napkins for quite some time but never really paid attention to them until recently. I know that TheKnot.com offers them but I didn't thought that they have a large selection. I'm pleasantly surprised that they have a STAR design for the napkins! :)) How cool is that?!

They are currently on sale right now, $19.99 for 100 pcs (luncheon napkin, 7"x7") and $17.99 (cocktail napkin, 5"x5"). I'm now debating with myself if I should just order and be done with it. Funny how I fuss over the little details yet I'm still looking for our florist and we don't even have a cake!

So anyway, the following are the options for personalizing the napkins:

one can enter their personal information (name, wedding date and monogram initial)
one can then choose the napkin color (we're choosing PLUM) and the ink color (SILVER FOIL)
choosing the font comes next (leaning towards Font 2: MODERN)
last comes the design, we're choosing STARS! :)

the napkin will be this color with the STAR design and an ink SILVER foil finish.

There are a couple of designs that I saw online and I'm green with envy, hahaha. I do hope that we can book all that needs to be book so that I can order this!

Monday, July 05, 2010

the search for the Florist - Vatel Manila

I first read about Vatel Manila in w@w. I was reading Armi's supplier rating and ogling her gorgeous wedding pictures in sunny Boracay. I didn't pay attention to the flowers then, I was more mesmerized by the beauty of their other wedding details (starfish boutonniere anyone? =D) I then read Angel's supplier rating for her wedding, Vatel Manila popped again. A link was posted that directed to Vatel Manila's blog about their wedding. That time, the flowers I DID notice.

Gorgeous flowers that were beautifully arranged. I stalked the site, read it top to bottom twice. New arrangements seems more fab than the one before it. Mustered enough courage, I emailed Dylan. He answered almost immediately. First unfortunate news , he stopped doing church arrangement since summer of 2010, second he does not deliver flowers to Tagaytay. However he does Deliver-for-Pick-Up, meaning you meet him on a certain location to pick up the flowers. He did mentioned that he can go as far south as Alabang and SM Bacoor to deliver 'em.

While waiting for his quotation (I just turned in his information form today), I thought I'd share some of my favorites of his creations:
roses and two-toned Bouvardia
arrangements of roses, carnations, rice flowers of assorted colors,and Queen Anne's lace
bouquet made up of 12 large peonies. Wax flowers for texture and as filler
Haworthia attenuata; the Echeveria elagans (a.k.a. rose cactus) with Craspedia Globosa
(left) yellow pompon mums and rose succulents mini Cymbidium orchids (right) single large rose succulentand pompon mums with black crystals 
gloriosa orchids, all-purple Lisianthus and rice flowers (2 colors) and Eucalyptus wrap
pomanders of pink Gerberas & Alstromeria tied with brown ribbons
large fuchsia and lilac Ecuadorian roses with Queen Anne's Lace, yellow Craspedia globosa, blue Eryngiumcand chartreuse Cymbidium orchids
(no specific descriptions on theses bouquets but they are fabulous nonetheless)
(no specific descriptions on theses bouquets but they are fabulous nonetheless)
lilac anastacia crysanthemums with Queen Anne's lace, acrylic crystals and pink statice
vine balls with pink carnations, succulent shoots, ostrich wisps and a single black satin flower
flower pillows using all-white cluster Carnations with succulent shoots & Cattleya orchids (can't imagine anything more pretty!)
pink Alstromeria and black satin ribbons
out-of-season palm flowers locally known as 'bukinggan' and "crazy vine" 
Dylan himself has 2 sets of favorites that he likes (for now), you can read the first set here, and the second one here. I sincerely hope that the quotation that he'll send will be within the alloted budget and that we can look over the fact that someone still have to pick-up the flowers come wedding day. If not, I can still dream of these wonderful creations.

Vatel Manila
Dylan Yap Gozum

*all photos are grabbed from Vatel Manila's blog: vatelmanila.blogspot.com


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