Friday, May 06, 2005


After 4 gruesome months, we'll be on Day Shift. Hooray hooray! LOL ang OA ko naman. Ewan ko ba, iba pa rin talaga kapag Day shift. Although we're working, answering email, it a big weight off our shoulders not to talk to our clients personally. I mean, it's different kasi if you're speaking to the person unlike just writing to them. Chaka you can listen to music as loud as you want or if you have already reached the quota for the day, pwedeng petiks na. =) Before, I usually just watch CSI here at the office after i reached the quota.

Another thing I like about being on day shift, hinahatid ako ng tatay ko. hehehe. Usually kasi nasa QC/Pasig yung mga client nya so before he goes to them, hatid nya muna ako. Saya saya. Less pagod at less gastos sa pamasahe.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

my wish

I wanna go to the beach. So badly. =( this sucks. I've seen eyeing that La Luz Resort in San Juan Batangas for about a few weeks now. Borgy and I always manage to go the beach in the summer. Last year we are at Subic. And we do need to spend some time together

I mean, I'm so happy that he have a job but the schedule, it makes me wanna scream! Whenever I ask him if he's available on a particular time, he says he's not sure. Kaya ang hirap magplano. Kainis. I'm so psyched pa naman to wear the swimsuits I bought last week. Crap. I really hope we can go to the beach this summer. Our company has already cancelled our company outing so I don't have any summer escapade to go to.

I want to lay in the sand, drink mango shake and read a nice book. Hayyy.

I totally forgot that I was able to go to Caylabne last Holy Week, but still, it not the same because we have the whole family with us. It would be nice to spend some time alone, beachside, drinking fruit juices. hahaha.


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