Sunday, July 24, 2005

catching up

It's good to be back. Has it been 2 months from my last entry? hehehe. Ang tagal n pala. Well, blame it on our schedule. ;) We've been on day shift for 2 months, and I changed teams (I'm on Delta team now), and we are in indefinite day-shift.So what's been going on with me? Well, there's a lot! hahaha. I mean a lot has happend since my last entry.

1. I got new shoes! =) well, I like shoes, rubber shoes to be exact. Borgy bought me a pair last Saturday. And it's PINK! Ganda no?! Thanks much my snorkie!

Image hosted by

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was already released and bought myself a copy. I know that the soft copy of the book would come out the next day or perhaps the day after that but nothing beats going to the bookstore at 7:01 am and getting the copy that you have reserved and waited for so long. I had fun reading the book, although the ending part really unexpected. It made me wonder how many years would it take for JKRowling to finish the 7th book.

3. We've got tons of puppies right now. Lilo and Raven gave birth to three and six pups respectively. So add that to 6 adult dogs, we have a farm! wehehehe. More or less we'll be either selling the pups or giving to relatives and friends. We just cannot take care of that many dogs.

4. I've had a phase last month, I was hooked on Havaianas. =) I bought one and chai bought another. Well, its way past summer and I'm not sure why I actually bought one. But they are really pretty and durable. haha.
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Butterfly Pink
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Hearts Light Blue

5. Last June, I was deprived from watching the TV shows that I love and those we have here at the office because I needed to take the MCP exam. So after passing the exam (woohoo! ^_^) , I gave in to my vices. I'm done with the 4th season of Smallville (Lana kicked ass in this season), the 5th season of CSI: vegas (the season finale was nerve wracking and hair raising to say the least), halfway done with CSI :NY (too bad Allen was able to get the succeeding episodes), and the 1st season of Desperate Housewives.

My friend Tentay, lend the first season of The O.C. (Welcome to the OC, bitch!) and I couldn't get enough of it because it was really GRRRREAT, I had to buy the whole 2nd season. hehehe Then damage went from bad to worse, I saw the latest season of Alias (season 4), I couldn't help myself, I just have to buy it... and I did. So after shelving a thousand++ bucks, I decided to stay away from dvds... until a new season comes out. Wehehe. I'm still catching up on the 1st season of LOST and Joey. I'll be using my VLs this coming thursday and friday so most probably, I'll be finish by that time.

6. Borgy went to Malaysia last June, it was suppose to be for SEABA, but as we all know, FIBA have decided to ban the Philippine Team from any international competition, not unless POC will acknowledge BAP to form the team for the competitions. So to say, their trip was cut short. =`(

And my Nanay is currently in Shanghai. I can't think of anything to ask as Pasalubong. What you do buy in China? She'll be there for 3 days, just attending a meeting. Spending much??! LOL It would have been better if she left for Australia again, at least I can ask for Roxy and Billabong stuffs. haha

7. I bought a new cellphone pala. hehehe I already forgot. It's almost 2 months old. It's a Nokia 7270, a pretty girly phone. It comes with 2 leather wraps to give it a distict look. After using the N7250 for 2 years, I need an upgrade. Features why I liked this phone:
-> a Flip-fone
-> has a mini and main display
-> has FM radio
-> VGA camera

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Friday, May 06, 2005


After 4 gruesome months, we'll be on Day Shift. Hooray hooray! LOL ang OA ko naman. Ewan ko ba, iba pa rin talaga kapag Day shift. Although we're working, answering email, it a big weight off our shoulders not to talk to our clients personally. I mean, it's different kasi if you're speaking to the person unlike just writing to them. Chaka you can listen to music as loud as you want or if you have already reached the quota for the day, pwedeng petiks na. =) Before, I usually just watch CSI here at the office after i reached the quota.

Another thing I like about being on day shift, hinahatid ako ng tatay ko. hehehe. Usually kasi nasa QC/Pasig yung mga client nya so before he goes to them, hatid nya muna ako. Saya saya. Less pagod at less gastos sa pamasahe.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

my wish

I wanna go to the beach. So badly. =( this sucks. I've seen eyeing that La Luz Resort in San Juan Batangas for about a few weeks now. Borgy and I always manage to go the beach in the summer. Last year we are at Subic. And we do need to spend some time together

I mean, I'm so happy that he have a job but the schedule, it makes me wanna scream! Whenever I ask him if he's available on a particular time, he says he's not sure. Kaya ang hirap magplano. Kainis. I'm so psyched pa naman to wear the swimsuits I bought last week. Crap. I really hope we can go to the beach this summer. Our company has already cancelled our company outing so I don't have any summer escapade to go to.

I want to lay in the sand, drink mango shake and read a nice book. Hayyy.

I totally forgot that I was able to go to Caylabne last Holy Week, but still, it not the same because we have the whole family with us. It would be nice to spend some time alone, beachside, drinking fruit juices. hahaha.

Monday, April 18, 2005

our movie date

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movie date: The Wedding Date

It's not normal for Borgy to have 2 consecutive days off so I took advantage of it and asked him to watch a movie. Yesterday before going to work, we watch The Wedding Date. It stars Debra Messing (a.k.a Grace) and Dermot Mulroney ( Julia Roberts Bestfriend in My Best Friend's Wedding). I know that this a romantic-comedy film so I was suprise on some heart-thugging scenes. Surprisingly, some of them made me cry. I'm such a crybaby. wehehe

Borgy asked me why I was crying. I don't know what to say. Eh naiiyak ako eh, bakit ba?! I remember one line at the film, Nick (Dermot) says to Kat (Debra) that he'd rather be fighting with her rather than making love with someone else. Hayyy...

I think the last time that we've seen a romantic-comedy film was 50 First Dates, and it was nice to watch one again.

last weekend

Borgy and I was able to spend quality time (yey!) last weekend. Although we just went to the mall to buy some stuff and most of the time, he was waiting for me to finish selecting them. I know it's not the most romantic way to spend time with one another, but still being together is what counts. :) Then we went over to my cousin's house, he wanted to see their new pitbull pup. Her name is Pringles.


Last weekend was a great one. We had a reunion. Almost every year, one of our relatives either from US, Canada or Australia comes home. This time, many of them are here. Ate Rhea and Kuya Zaldy (from Australia), Ate Leovy (from Canada), Tito Aris and his wife tita Delfa and Mama Deleng with Lolo Amber (from US). Many came, usually oldies, far relatives from Bangkal, Makati who I only met there. We stayed 'til 9pm, todong kwentuhan nnman. Too bad I forgot to bring my cam at the reunion. Who knows when that will happen again.

I was not able to review for the MCP exam. Was not able to turn even a page on that God-awful-two-inch-thick reviewer! wtf?!?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

waiting for Harry

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will hit bookstands/bookstores July 16, 2005. Can't wait for this book. Got some info on the book, read on.

Random facts about the book (from

We will learn a lot more about Voldemort in this book.

HBP will be an intense book, but with light-hearted moments.

Harry will leave Privet Drive early again, for a "much pleasanter" reason than in book 5.

The opening chapter of book 6 was originally planned for the early parts of book 1, perhaps we get a more in-depth story of what happened the night Harry's parents died.

Neither Harry or Voldemort (including Tom Riddle) are the Half-Blood Prince.

Arthur Weasley will not be the new Minister of Magic.

By the ends of books 6 and 7 "you'll have all the back story you'll need", says JK Rowling, and a prequel will not be necessary.

There will be a new Minister of Magic, no more Mr. Fudge.

We will find out what happened to Hagrid's half brother Grawp. He will be a bit more controllable in book 6.

The Dursleys are in the next book, but Harry's stay with them will be the shortest yet. In book 5 he stayed for 4 weeks, so we know his stay will be less than 4 weeks.

Cho Chang will not be a romantic interest of Harry in Book 6, however there will be a "little romance" for Harry says JK.

In books 6 and 7 we will find out exactly why JK killed off Sirius.

Harry becomes even more powerful in book 6.

In books 6 and 7 we will find out why Dumbledore trusts Snape.

We will find out what happened to Wormtail AKA Peter Pettigrew.

More about the animosity between Snape and Sirius will be revealed in the last 2 books.

JK has said that giving away the form of Snape's boggart and patronus says too much. We'll definitely find out what Snape's worst fear is, and it'll be important.

Hermione and Draco will NOT end up together in book 6 or 7.

We will find out what exactly Dudley saw when he looked at the dementors.

The reason Voldemort and Harry both didn't die when Voldemort tried to kill Harry, will be revealed.

We will see more of Draco's mother, Narcissa Malfoy, now that Lucius is busy.

We'll learn more about Harry's scar in the last 2 books.

Moaning Myrtle will make an appearance again, as will Tonks.

More about Voldemort's birth will be revealed, thus helping us understand why he is so evil.

Muggles begin to notice "more and more odd" occurrences in book 6, says JK.

The wizarding world is really at war in the sixth book.

Harry will tell his dearest friends about the prophesy after it sinks in to him.

We will learn more about Harry's relatives, including his grandparents (though JK says they aren't really important to the story)

We will find out what happened to Sirius's motorbike.

Book 6 will be shorter than the 5th book (or at least JK's 99% sure, but will not swear on her children's lives)

There will be no "new" nationalities of children at Hogwarts. Hogwarts is a British school, and JK says that adding foreigners for the sake of it is not in her plans.

During an interview, when JKR was asked in which Hogwarts room she'd like to be for 1 hour, she said it would be a room in which Harry has been before, but doesn't know its importance. Yet. (this could have happened in book 5, but we're unsure)

It's very important in the plot that Harry has his mother's eyes, and that her wand was very good for charms.

During an interview for Kids BBC, Victor Greensteet (reporter) asked Rowling if Harry would have a dragon for a pet. This is what she replied: "You can't tame a dragon, no matter what Hagrid thinks. It's simply impossible. So no. He has more common sense. He MAY have a different pet in the future, but for now, I won't say anything else". (This could have been buckbeak, but I'm sure we can expect more pets)

In the same interview for Kids BBC, the reporter asked J. K. if Harry had ever used the internet, and this is what she had to say: "No. They (the Dursleys) won't let him go near Dudley's computer, and Dudley is the only one who has a computer. They hit him if he gets too near to the keyboard. So the answer would be No. I use it a lot, but Harry doesn't. Wizards don't really need to go on the web. They have an even better way to find out what's happening in the outside world, which I think is a lot more fun than the Internet, but I'm going to keep quiet on this one."

The choice between what's right and what's easy will be a pillar of the plot in Harry's last 2 years at Hogwarts.

Harry's parents' profession will be a big part of the plot.

Something HUGE will be revealed about Lily Potter.

The movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will hit movie screens on Nov.2005. I just can't wait to see Victor Krum, Madame Maxine, Fluer, Barty Couch. Harry's all grown up at the pictures as well Hermione and Ron. I was checking some webistes and found some pretty production and promotional pictures. Enjoy. :) (click picture to see large pic)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Harry all grown up!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Movie pictures!

...and after 6 months

Reading Neil's blog made me realize to update this. Nagcomment pa nga, update ko daw. I feel like I should not have read someone else's Blog, it made me think that what I noticed before was true. UGGHHH! I should not have read it. I don't wanna feel "ilang", he's a dear friend. I'll just pretend that I never read it. Ok. Fine. The END.


There's so many things to think about these days, that acceleration program about going to corp, studying for the MCP exam. I don't even know if I'm really ready for corp. Sure someday I'd like to go there, but I'm not sure if that someday is a few months from now. We'll see...


Daming noobies ngayon. Nag-ssetup sila ng mga PC. The more the merrier. Sana they will not see me blogging. hehehe, sabihin walang kwentang "oldies" ako. LOL


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