Tuesday, November 30, 2010

finally, i found THE perfect pair!

About a week ago, I wrote an entry about two shoe designs that I saw at the mall. For weeks now, I've been on a lookout for shoes that could possibly be the one! These are my requirements for THE shoes, they have to be plum (as much as possible), relatively cheap (no more than $80, if possible) and of good quality. I frequent Zappos, Aldo, Bakers and Nine West to check for deals. What I like about Zappos' website is that I can narrow down my option to the shoe color (purple!) that I like. If I can't find a plum-colored one, a silver one will do. Silver pairs are much easier to find anyway, it's just that I would love it if the perfect plum is available.

After sharing my blog-entry with the w@w online community, I've read another bride-to-be's (Rachel) story about finding her bridal shoes online. She got it from Nine West and that there is an ongoing sale when she bought them. I initially thought she bought the pair in Manila, then I found out that she's actually here in the US as well. Sweet! I quickly checked Nine West online and browse if there is anything that I might fancy. Lo and behold, I caught my breath upon seeing a pretty pair that I can't believe is in PLUM.

("Area" from Nine West)

Isn't it a beauty? Not only it's PLUM, it has that zipper at the back that I find real pretty and helpful when putting on shoes. And, my issue with slipping (nahuhugot!) will not be experienced with this pair since it has a wide bejeweled strap. Another plus? I got it on SALE and they offered FREE shipping. It was $59.99 less 30% which leads to $41.99 plus around $2 in taxes. So that's only about $44 in total! Sweet! :D

Yesterday, I received my shoes in the mail and they are much prettier in person, and real comfortable too. Yay! I'm real excited and happy that I finally found the perfect pair for me!

Monday, November 29, 2010

update: diy Invitations

I basically rallied my way with the invitations! :) I'm almost done with them. Here were my to-do-list since my last post about the invitations:

Print the main invitations and cut to proper size - DONE!
Print the 3 inserts and cut to their proper sizes - DONE!
Decide and make mock of ribbon band - DONE!
Make mock of monogram seal - DONE!
Adhere the silver invitation mats to the main invites - DONE!

And, I've already made the following:
Printed and cut all monogram seal - DONE!
Adhere the seal to purple and silver mats - DONE!
Adhere the completed seal with the silver ribbon - DONE!

I'm pretty happy with the outputs if I say so myself. Will need to do the following in the next few days:
- Assemble the invitations
- Finalized the guest list for the wedding
- Print the guests' name in the envelopes

Yay! We're right on schedule with the invites. :) Funny thing about the monograms, I've created intricate, artsy fancy ones but Topher chose one of the simplest monograms I've done. I must admit it goes really well with the invitations.

(printed the 1st insert)
(monogram seals)
(monogram seals with the purple and silver mat)
(completed monogram seals)
(belly bands with the complete monogram seals)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cake buffet!

Yep, you read it right. *grin* We're having a cake buffet! Imagine, 8 to 10 of our favorite cakes at our wedding. I can't think of anything sweeter. I love desserts! Cakes and ice cream are my favorites, and I have a competition in Topher. He loves his sweets too! It's really hard for us to say no when there are desserts serve at the table.

For months now, I've been going back and forth about the wedding cake, and well about many things about the wedding. At first, I just want a cupcake tower, then I learned that everyone is doing that. Birthdays, baptismal or anniversaries, the cupcakes are always present. I wanted our wedding to be different. One option is getting Joy San Gabriel for her mini-cakes, one that she's famous for. But then again, the price is an issue for me. It's possible that we'll have to spend around 15k (or more) for the cake, and honestly that's a bit too much even if my Nanay wants to pay for it.

Then I read LA's post about one of her nice-to-haves, a cake buffet. At the time that I was reading her post, I thought, what a great idea. But I didn't really think much into it. I still went to back to thinking and searching for the cake. And then, BOOOM! It hit me, a cake buffet is really briliant, beyond briliant idea. It's inexpensive, it would look nice on the table not to mention we're sure the cakes are yummy. So the next step before dreaming of my cake buffet is to ask Lace (of K by Cunanan) if they have cake stands. Bless them, they do! Lace is really nice to provide a picture of the cake stands. She also ask that we note how many we'll need by the time of contract signing.
(cake stands from K by Cunanan)
We can now decide on the cakes that we wanted for the buffet. They also have to be available near our place, easier for use to buy them a day before the wedding. Here are our choices:

(Conti's Mango Bravo; photo from practicalpinaybride.blogspot.com)
(Conti's Oreo Cheesecake; photo from Flickr)
(Sugarhouse's Almond Sans Rival; photo from shootfirsteatlater.com)
(Red Ribbon's Smores; photo from ybabie.blogspot.com)
(Red Ribbon's Choco Fudge Cake; photo from certifiedfoodies.com)
(Conti's Blueberry Cheesecake; photo from whatimlovingnow.blogspot.com)
(Conti's Choco Overload; photo from yedylicious.blogspot.com)
(Conti's Mango Cream Cake; photo from yedylicious.blogspot.com)
(Red Ribbon's Ube Cake; photo from dessertcomesfirst.com)
This list makes nine mouth-watering cakes. We would probably add another cake or two and call it a day. As much as I wanted to have all chocolate cakes for the buffet, I have to keep in mind that not all loves chocolate as much as we do, so the choices have to be diverse.

I'm soooo excited just thinking about the cakes and what they would look like come wedding day. Happiness!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

possible wedding shoes??

Wedding shoes nowadays are far from the white ones that we see before. Shoes worn come wedding day are those that matches the bride's personality or their motif at the very least. It's also economical, you'll more likely to wear the shoes again unlike getting a white bridal shoes just for the wedding.

Yesterday, after watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow (Part One) and late lunch at Flat Top Grill, I saw two pairs that can be possible as weddings shoes. I've been keen on getting a plum pair, but if I can't find one in a decent price, a silver one will do.

(pewter jeweled pair from Nine West, $39.99 at Marshall's)
(silver glittery pair from Nine West, $39.99 at Marshall's)
I tried on both pairs in my size but since I don't wear heels often, I find the shoes sliding off my feet when walking. Nahuhugot! I think I'm better off with a strappy one. I hope to find a great pair this coming Black Friday weekend when deals are usually at their best. But if I have to choose between the two, I want to the pewter one better. I just hope that they (shoes) are still available if I'm decide to get them.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

waw auction: 2nd wave

A few days after the end of the w@w auction, Ms. Benz sent a message that there will be a silent auction for a few more items that were not won or services which reserve price were not met. I'm most excited that the auction includes unity coins again. All three types of it: Gold, Silver and Two-toned. Basically with the silent auction, instructions are that we are to email our bidding price and we'll be notified if we won.

Whadiyaknow, I actually won a set of Silver Unity Coin! I was actually not expecting to win that, since I almost didn't make it to the end of the auction. I got the unity coins that costs Php1,800 for Php1,100! :) Not bad huh?

(Silver Unity Coins similar to what I've won at the auction!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

booked: HMUA Chichi Sotomil

If you are my blog reader, you've probably read that I've booked a different HMUA before. I had my trial make-up with her when I went home in Manila. I was actually happy with the trial, but I didn't get to have my trial hair styling that time. Unfortunately, this HMUA had negative reviews (one from w@w, and another one from a different place/person that was with her on a wedding before).

When I saw that a HMUA service is up for grabs at the w@w auction, I know that it may be possible for me to replace my current HMUA with one that I really did liked before but had trouble with the OOT fee to Tagaytay. Luckily, I won the bidding for Ms.Chichi's HMUA service and I'm extremely happy. Not only did I get the supplier that I really wanted, I'm also paying for the service less than the amount that I still owe HMUA1.

I've read POSITIVE reviews for Chichi Sotomil as early as 2005 in w@w. Her brides have nothing but good words and praises for her. I know that every review must be taken with a grain of salt, but reading good and favorable ones makes it easier to trust a supplier. I'm happy that I'm lucky enough to book her. She's very nice as well whenever I sent her emails, she's like a long lost friend. What I really liked from the reviews are stories that Ms.Chichi made the wedding day preparation atmosphere light and happy. Only good auras for the wedding day are needed.

I'm posting a couple of her brides on their respective wedding days. I hope that I can be as radiant and gorgeous as these brides are. I trust Ms.Chichi to do just that! :)

*all photos are grabbed from Ms.Chichi's multiply page.

Chichi Sotomil

the search for the Cake - Joy San Gabriel

Joy San Gabriel is another w@w find. Her name is synonymous to beautiful and decadent cakes. She's also famous for the mini-cakes that so many are swooning for. I honestly haven't tasted any of her cakes, God knows I would love to.

I've emailed her a couple of months before, asking for her price list. At that time, she honestly told me that I should maybe wait until November for the 2011 price list so that all prices will be as they are come wedding day. True enough, last November 6th, she did sent me the latest price list.

I'm actually aiming for her mini-cakes, it looks and seems delicious. I really have to ask a family member to have a cake taste with her. Below are some of her works. Oh, and she makes cute cake toppers as well! :)

The cake flavor options that she offers are astounding. It's certainly not the usual wedding cake flavor that you often see. The only thing that hinders me from getting her services is the price. Truth be told, it's steep for a wedding cake. Specially when I said to myself that I don't want to splurge with the cake. And this is a definite splurge. Delivery to Tagaytay alone will cost me 3.5-4k. Which made me think of doing the DIY route. Having a cake buffet.

*all photos are from Joy San Gabriel's blogsite.

Joy San Gabriel


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