Monday, April 18, 2011

wedding escort cards

What exactly are escort cards? Escort cards inform your guests of their assigned table. Each card displays a guests’ name and a table number or the name of the table. The most common way to address escort cards is as follows - but you can do it your own DIY way of course:

Matt Bomer - the full name of a single guest
Table 1
Mr. and Mrs. Burke - a married couple
Table 2
Percy Jackson and Guest - if an invitee brings a guest whose name you don’t know
Table 3

I've been checking wedding websites for ideas for the escort cards and these are few that I found really cool! ;)
Caricature Escort Cards -
Ketchup Escort Cards -
Apple Escort Cards -
Clothespin Escort Cards -
Flower Ball Escort Cards -
Starfish Escort Cards -
Escort Cards on Lemon treats -
Origami Escort Cards -
Escort Cards as wedding favors
Modern Escort Cards -
I absolutely love the last one! So cool and fab! ;) I wonder if I can pull that one off. I've been thinking of doing clothespin escort cards using all the scrap papers from the invites, let's see that I can come up with! ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

less than 2 months

I don't know if putting a wedding countdown at the beginning of this blog is helping me or not. I felt pressured more than ever seeing the clock ticking down! I feel excited at the thought that we're finally going home in a few weeks time, and at the same time, I'm dreading the things that still needs to be done!

Let's have rundown of things:

1. Church - We'll have our pre-cana and canonical interview when we got home, we're scheduled for June 08 for both, 3 days before our wedding day. Wedding Banns will be available from our local parish at April 27. Need to complete payment for church. Need to follow-up again if Father Allen can now confirm his availability. Misallete approved, need to check for song list approval. Need to finalize choir for church, OLLP and pay for the down payment. Check their song list for the ceremony, processional and picture-taking.

2. Venue - Finalized the contract for the venue. Scheduled to do ocular with OTD (Chi of OAB) on June 03 to discuss the layout of the venue. Discuss location of couple's table, where to put the photobooth, the Starbucks kiosk, registration area and cocktails area.

3. Caterer - Final food tasting and detailing with K by Cunanan (Lace) once we got home. Payment of half of the total amount at the final food tasting.

4. Cake - Meet with Joy San Gabriel after the food tasting with K. Although we've already ordered the cakes via my Nanay, do cake tasting and final detailing.

5. Gown and Shoes - Meet with Tito Boy (Kastner Santos) on June 01 for dress length alteration. I've had my dress with me since July 2010. Shoes, I've already got since last year, I think.

6. Moms', Ninangs' and Entourage Dresses - Almost all had their measurements taken already (waiting for 1 Ninang's measurements), waiting for the 1st fitting. Male entourage's vest and ties are already completed.

7. Groom Suit - Everything completed! He just bought his shoes and belt today!

8. Dads' Suit - Tatay's already done, he bought one at Onesimus. Will have to check Gardini's for Papa's suit.

9. Rings - Already bought since last year. Need to check Paloma's Nest and buy the Bearer Bowls soon.

10. Invitations - All done. Most are already sent to Manila for distribution and guests from overseas have already been mailed with their invites. Getting the RSVP is the crucial part, needed for the escort cards!

11. Favors - Photo booth for the guests. Speaking of photo booth, need to send Engagement Pics and other documents for layout and backdrop to Partypics. Perfume and sunglasses for the Principal Sponsors. Got the Secondary sponsors wallets and colognes as favors.

12. Photo and Video - Done booking both. Ready to meet Redsheep RAW and Nextgen. Still need to order the photo book that I created via Snapfish for the guest book and create a slideshow (prenup, growing up etc)

13. HMUA - Booked Chichi Sotomil. Still deciding if I should meet her before the wedding day for a trial hair and make-up, still depends on our schedule when we got home.

14. Hotel Preps - Need to ask Nanay to check the Standard Room at Taal Vista for the wedding preps. Although we have a room included in Moon Garden, I think it's a bit too small for the preparation.

15. Florist - Booked Ate Yhoan for the entourage and church flowers. Down payment paid and I got the contract as well, but still need to make sure that everything will be as discussed and flowers on the bouquet will not be sparse.

16. Supplier's Food - Will have to ask OTD about this, specially for those who will be there in the morning and lunchtime. As much as possible, I don't want to serve usual the fast food.

17. Reception Program - Still need to coordinate with Sweet about the flow of the program and ask suggestion about games and prizes.

18. DIY Projects - Still have a ton to do. Escort cards, Misallette, Menu Card and Program.

Oh my gosh, we still have a ton to do! I will be having a virtual meeting with my OTD again this May for the updates and concerns that I have. Only 54 more days!


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