Sunday, March 02, 2014

flip baby, flip!

It was on my 34th week prenatal appointment that I've learned that this little munchkin is breech. I guess I kind of had an idea for a while since I can always feel something hard near my ribs when my stomach contracts. Although I always thought that it's his butt that I'm feeling and not his head. :) I asked my OB about the next steps. She said that the baby still have a couple of weeks to turn on his own. If he did not, we can try to manually turn him. Otherwise, C-section has to be done.

So I went home that day, feeling overwhelmed and honestly disappointed. I know that C-section is always an alternative if vaginal birth is not progressing. But the absolution that I had to do it is what disappoints me. I have come to terms with it though. Although that does not mean that I wouldn't try all means necessary to turn him as long as it's safe for the both of us. Specially him. I pretty much followed exercises and read all the I can in turning my breech munchkin.

On my 36th week appointment, he's still breech. I saw Dr. Siegel for that appointment. After the usual motions of a prenatal appointment, we talked about the options that I have with birth. He gave me 3 options. (1) Wait for me to get to labor, as the baby can still turn (although very minimal chance) from now 'til then. (2) Schedule his C-section birth on my 39th week. (3) Try ECV between 36-37 weeks. With the chances of 60-40 with him turning.

I chose option 3. Any way to turn him and hopefully give me the chance to delivery him vaginally, I'd take it as long as it's safe. With that decision, we move to the ultrasound room to check if I am a good candidate for the ECV. He checked the baby's growth, length of his femur, the amount of fluid I have and lastly the placement of the placenta. Thankfully, I am a good candidate for ECV. So we had that scheduled for Friday, February 28 at 9am. It has be done in a hospital since it's necessary to have an OR ready in this kind of procedure, just in case anything out of the ordinary happens. Dr. Siegel is one of the two doctors in the practice that I'm seeing who has a great success rate with ECV.

Since scheduling the ECV, I've read everything that I can about the procedure. The pros and cons. Other moms' experience. What can happen during the procedure. True enough, I've scared myself to the point that I've contemplated canceling it. It's a great thing that Topher came with me on that last appointment and ease my mind about it. He reminded me that I won't even be scheduled for one if everything did not look good for us to proceed.

Lat Friday was when I went it for ECV. We arrived at L&D before 9 in the morning and got admitted pretty soon after. I was hooked to the fetal and contraction monitors and got started on IV fluids. It took 3 tries for the nurse to finally put the IV on me and every one of them hurt like a mother! My veins are freakishly small, thus her struggle to find one to stick to. I needed to have IV because the meds (terbutaline) which will prevent the uterus from contracting will be administered intravenously. At around 10:30AM, Dr. Siegel came by, explained the procedure, the possible risks, what medication will be administered and it's effects.

A couple of minutes after the medicine was administered, my heart started beating like crazy. I was told that it will feel like I had about 5 cups of coffee, and boy it sure does. Good thing is that's all I felt. No shaking, trembling, drowsiness or nausea. I was then put in a comfortable position before doing the version. The doctor checked the baby's position through ultrasound. I was told that being calm and relaxed will help a lot so I tried to think of my happy place and do the breathing exercises we learned at baby classes. He started by palpating the baby's head and butt and then pushing and gliding them clockwise. It's definitely uncomfortable, because he digs deep into my tummy to palpate and glide the baby. He would pause after a minute and do an ultrasound to check the baby's position. Baby turned about 45 degrees before returning to breech position. Stubborn little stinker! The doctor gave me a couple of minutes to catch my breath before starting again, this time in the opposite direction and that one hurt! Baby did not move either. He dislike being pushed that way. One more try and that's it little boy. We're done. The doctor only wanted to try 3 times before calling it a day. He again gave me a couple of minutes to catch my breath and check how I'm doing, before trying clockwise turn again. This time he finally turned!!! Thank you God! He's being ultrasound-ed every couple of degrees while being turn to check his position. Then they put a binder around my belly to hold the little munchkin in place. Hopefully he stays in this position until go time. The fetal and contraction monitors were placed back again to check both our heart rates and if I'm having any contraction after the procedure.

We stayed for another two hours after the version feeling very sore after. The doctor came back 3 times to check me and baby. He made sure that we are both doing okay. I'm sooooo grateful that little munchkin is good after the version, after all he's my main concern. I know I'll be sore and it will hurt but I can deal with it. I don't want my little baby to get hurt in the process. God is good, He looked over us the entire time. We were discharged at around 1pm and grabbed lunch at Olive Garden (to celebrate) before going home. I was so exhausted and sore that I fell asleep immediately when we got home.

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