Saturday, March 01, 2014

pregnancy updates

Okay, so I haven't really posted anything about my pregnancy aside from the initial news when we found out that we're expecting. This is me trying to catch up before this little bean makes his grand entrance to the world.

My first trimester is not really as awful as what other moms-to-be experienced. I'm one of the lucky few who did not experience morning sickness, which I am super grateful for.  I did get nauseous a couple of times but not to the point of vomiting. Sorry TMI.  Food cravings and aversions - I really don't remember having food aversions. I remember eating a lot on the first trimester. Pasta and white sauce was something that I've craved a lot for. And salty snacks like cheetos! I loved those for a couple of weeks. I also remember having a heightened sense of smell, more than the usual. I can't stand the smell of sweat, it makes me super nauseous to the point of leaving the room otherwise I'll probably barf.

When I came in for my first prenatal visit, they did an ultrasound to make sure that the little bean is doing great. This ultrasound was done when I was at 8weeks. You can absolutely see my little bean here looking like a bean. :)

8weeks ultrasound
And then just 4 weeks after, we did another ultrasound. This time it is with the Maternal Fetal Medicine. We did tests for DS and other genetic disorder although there is no family history between the two of us. We may be being overly cautious, but who cares. The tests came back negative for any disorder, for which we are extremely happy and grateful for. Another upside of these tests is another round of ultrasound. We got to see our little bean again. :) It's amazing how as little as 4 weeks can make a huge difference in fetus' development.

at 12 weeks, waving his little arm to us :)
At around 18 weeks, we did a fall maternity shoot at the nearby Morton Arboretum. I thought it would be a neat idea to tell the world that we are pregnant. At the time, mostly those who knew were only family, relatives, friends here in Chicago and co-workers. So on a chilly Saturday morning, we went to the Arboretum to take pictures. I'd say we got pretty cool pictures to share to the rest of the world (FB world).

The second trimester was a breeze. The fatigue that I've felt all throughout first trimester is not as bad and was subsiding. And being able to feel the baby move is just plain awesome. The best thing this trimester? We've finally had the anatomy scan!!! ;) We're having a BOY!

Things began to become challenging when I reached third trimester. I could honestly say that it still is. It's harder compared to my first trimester. The weight gain is taking a toll on my back and it often hurts. Every day activities started to become increasingly difficult to do. There's pain when walking, sitting, rolling out of bed and turning from side to side. I've been swelling pretty much everywhere too. Hands, feet, legs, face. Everywhere. Hopefully this water retention would go away as soon as I give birth. *fingers crossed*

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